Planning and organising VET mobilities can be tricky. We know all about it, since we have been working in this field for over 25 years. That is why we have developed a structured work process, the necessary tools and a selected network partners to ensure the best matching between the students profile and the hosting companies abroad.

Our destinations for VET mobilities

Each one with a local network of hosting companies

Our destinations for VET mobilities

Each one with a local network of hosting companies

in France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, UK, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, and Spain
all around Europe, with a wide range of sectors and available services
ready to host VET learners for an intercultural, life-changing experience
currently involving participants and staff from more than 70 VET sectors

How does it work?

How does it work?

Mobility planning

Advanced planning and clearly defined processes are the key to ensure the quality of a mobility experience.

We co-design the process with the sending school by planning and scheduling the number of participants, the period, and the destinations well ahead of time. This allows us to ensure a smooth organisation of travel, accommodation, and work placements abroad, ensuring that participants have a fruitful experience.


Online preparation

Uniser has developed Erasmus Learner Journey, an online course available on Uniser Learning Moodle platform, designed to help participants throughout the mobility period, in order to be more aware of the whole experience from before its beginning until after its end. Through interactive activities and elements of gamification, the users are pushed to level up and earn points, to get to the end and therefore be perfectly ready to face any aspect of mobility.

Pre-departure training

Before departure, learners that are about to go abroad will take part in an online training session with a mobility coordinator. The online pre-departure training is intended to prepare students and their group leaders to deal with several aspects of their upcoming mobility experience abroad. The main objective is to give participants not only practical details but also to convey some reflections and thoughts about the key points of living, working and travelling abroad together as a group or individually for a period of time. 

Logistics organisation

All our destinations include:

  • airport transfer
  • accommodation solutions
  • work placements
  • on-arrival training and companies induction
  • local transport
  • food provision or pocket money
  • 24/7 emergency number
Mentoring, tutoring & assistance

Participants are followed and accompanied all along the mobility period: this support is essential to allow them to evaluate the progress of the experience, to be able to make the most of its benefits and to manage difficulties in the best possible way.
For these reasons, learners abroad can always rely on the support of their group leader, of a mobility coordinator and a 24/7 active number to contact in case of emergencies.

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